Massimo Vignelli

Interview at Big Think
Massimo Vignelli 35:54
Intervista in Big Think

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The Vignelli Canon (pdf 3.9 MB)
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Vignelli Center for Design Studies

Full Interview 35:54
Designing Anything, “From a Spoon to the City” 3:10
For Designers, the Computer Was “The Great Redeemer” 5:23
The Art of Timeless Design 5:49
Walking Through a World of Your Own Design 5:03
We Use Way Too Many Fonts 7:25
Why Italians Love Ambiguity 4:37
Postmodernism Is Dead, “Thank God” 2:30
Memories of Le Corbusier 3:19

Vignelli Associates
Lezioni di design Rai educational (text/testo)
Morality / Stock Exchange of Visions (video)