Robert Stern

Intervista in Big Think
Robert A.M. Stern
Interview at Big Think

Robert A.M. Stern Discusses the Legacy of George W. Bush 2:50
How is technology changing architecture? 1:55
Robert A.M. Stern Discusses Art and Architecture 2:11
If you had $100 billion to give away, how would you spend it? 1:32
Robert A.M. Stern Describes His Creative Process 2:04
How Globalization Is Changing Architecture 2:49
Robert A.M. Stern on How American Architecture Compares to Europe’s 1:18
What is your biggest design mistake? 0:51
Why is architecture important? 2:07
Robert A.M. Stern on Women in Architecture 1:33
Will contemporary architecture stand the test of time? 1:54
Robert A.M. Stern on the Biggest Problem in Architecture 1:33
How is architecture changing? 3:10
Robert A.M. Stern on Whether a Building Has to Interact With Its Environment 1:36
What sparked your interest in architecture? 1:29
Who are you? 2:02