Richard Meier

Intervista in Big Think
Richard Meier
Interview at Big Think

When should an architect leave a firm to be on his own? 1:07
Will tomorrow’s architecture be better than the past’s? 0:40
What is your counsel? 2:42
How will this age be remembered? 0:24
What is America’s place in the world? 0:39
What is the press doing right? 1:18
The Pioneering Spirit 2:02
What do you believe? 1:40
What inspires you? 1:48
What is your creative process? 2:05
Why aren’t there more women in architecture? 0:59
How is globalization changing architecture? 1:12
What was your best design? 1:52
How has technology changed architecture? 4:16
Is Architecture Art? 1:32
What do you do? 1:23
What are the recurring themes in your work? 2:42
Who are the architectural greats? 1:32
Growing up in New York 2:11

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