Year-End Awards

I premi di fine d’anno di Design Observer

Lunch With The Critics: Year-End Awards
[Mark Lamster & Alexandra Lange / Design Observer]

Best Use of a Pritzker Prize
Best Use of White Plastic from Italy
Best Show
Bad for Women in Architecture Award
Good for Women in Architecture Award
The Woody Allen Award for Gratuitous Cinematic Images of New York
Baby Rem Award
Mailing It in Award
Worst Moment in Architectural Criticism
Ezra Stoller Award for Photographic Ubiquity
The Cognitive Dissonance Award
Most Anti-Climactic Groundbreaking Award
The Deadwood Award for Historical Pastiche
Worst Use of Architectural History Award
Negligent Stewardship Award
Most Overhyped Gift to the City’s Children from the Design Community Award
Putting Architects Out of Business Award
Online Publisher of the Year
Most Moving Moments of the Year