Best of 2012

Dal ‘cinese’ Koolhaas alla Londra Olimpica, i dieci capolavori dell’architettura mondiale del 2012”.
[Paola Pierotti |]

“Top10 Architettura. Il giro del mondo tra le nuove realizzazioni del 2012: dalla Cctv di Oma a Pechino alla biblioteca Book Mountain di Mvrdv in Olanda”. gallery
“Top10 Architettura. Le più belle opere realizzate in Italia nel 2012, dall’ex Michelin di Piano a Trento alla Casa Ferrari di Modena”. gallery
[red. |]

From Kapoor’s Tower to Kahn’s Park, The Year in Architecture”.
[Kelly Chan |]

The best architecture of 2012: Rowan Moore’s choice. Hastings, Blackpool and Cardiff all had reason to cheer, but as the Shard soared it lowered the bar for London’s high-rise future”.
[Rowan Moore |]

Architecture in 2012: review of the year in buildings”.
[Ellis Woodman |] “World Building of the Year: the World Architecture Festival Awards 2012” gallery

top ten architecture 2012” [7 sezioni] [red. |]

The Year In Architecture: Best Buildings Of  2012”.
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Here Now, the Craziest Starchitect Projects of the Year”.
[Amy Schellenbaum |]

Design Stars, and Misfires, of 2012”.
[Alice Rawsthorn |]

10 Of The Year’s Best Designs For Social Good”.
[Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan |]

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