Il Rinascimento italiano nel XIX secolo

«Revision, Revival and Return», un convegno alla Scuola Normale e a Villa I Tatti”.
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5-7 giugno 2013
convegno internazionale programma [pdf 1MB] organizzato da Lina Bolzoni e Alina Payne
Revision, Revival and Return
The Italian Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century
Scuola Normale Superiore
Villa I Tatti

dal programma: “The object of this conference is the Renaissance revival as a Pan-European phenomenon of critique, commentary and re-shaping of a nineteenth-century present perceived as deeply problematic. Sweeping the humanistic disciplines—history, literature, music, art, architecture, collecting etc—it marked the oeuvre of as diverse a group of figures as Ingres and E. M. Forster, Geymüller and Hildebrand, Michelet and Burckhardt, H. H. Richardson and Rilke, Carducci and De Sanctis. Though some perceived it as a «Golden Age», a model for the present, some cast it as a negative example, thus showing that the triumphalist model had its detractors and that the reaction to the Renaissance was more complex than it may at first appear. This three day event then proposes to recover some of the multi-dimensionality of the reaction to, transformation of and commentary on the Italian Renaissance and its ties to nineteenth- century modernity, as seen both from within (by Italians) and from without (by foreigners, expatriates, travelers, etc.)”.

5 giugno 2013
Scuola Normale Superiore 
piazza dei Cavalieri 7
ore 14
interventi di
Lina Bolzoni
Alina Payne
New Directions In Renaissance
Renaissance Revival Research
chair Lina Bolzoni
Veronica Andreani
Letture ottocentesche di Gaspara Stampa
Ida Campeggiani
La riscoperta letteraria di Michelangelo
chair Alina Payne
Daniel Zolli
Quattrocento Sculptural Relief and the Crisis of Nineteenth-Century Modernity
Cara Rachele
The Uffizi and Renaissance Architectural Drawings in the Nineteenth Century: The Brichieri Colombi Acquisition of 1820
Francesca Borgo
Painted Battles: Renaissance and Risorgimento at War
Stephen Bann keynote lecture
Inventing The Renaissance In Nineteenth-Century France

6 giugno 2013
Villa I Tatti
via di Vincigliata 26
ore 10
chair Nicholas Terpstra
The Creation Of The Myth
Maurizio Ghelardi
Burckhardt e il Rinascimento
Emma Giammattei
Renaissance and Risorgimento: Between Carducci and De Sanctis
Cordula Grewe
Symbols of Time. Ariosto, The Nazarenes, and the Poetics of Epic Fresco
ore 14.30
chair Marzia Faietti
The Myth And The Institutions
Eva-Maria Troelenberg
Threads and Patterns of Culture.
The Renaissance Paradigm and the Carpet
Alan Chong
American Collecting Between Gothic, Renaissance and Islamic
Marc Gotlieb
The Legend of the Dueling Angels:
The Renaissance “Scene of Instruction” in Nineteenth-Century Art
The Myth And The Artist
Maria Loh
The Future Belongs to Ghosts.
Renaissance Shadows in Ottocento Italy
Christian Rivoletti
Irony, Genius and Melancholy: Ariosto and Tasso
Giuseppe Gerbino
Donizetti’s Tasso

7 giugno 2013
Villa I Tatti
via di Vincigliata 26
ore 10
chair Lino Pertile
Passion And Politics. Women In The Renaissance
Lina Bolzoni
Le eroine rinascimentali nei romanzi
Candida Syndikus
Images of Women Heroines in Nineteenth-Century Painting
Jane Tylus
Sublime Sappho: How the Renaissance Female Voice was Fashioned a Century Ago
ore 14.30
chair Tod Marder
The Mise-En-Scene. The Nineteenth-Century City
Claudia Conforti
Firenze Capitale (1865-1870): Quale Rinascimento per la città di Dante?
Nadja Aksamija
Between Medieval and Renaissance: Contested Urban Identity in Post-Unification Bologna
Neil Levine
The Unexpected Fate of the Italian Renaissance in 19th-Century French Architectural Theory and Practice
The Modernism Of The Renaissance
Alina Payne
Renaissance Crafts and Crafting: From Semper to the Werkbund and Beyond
Alexander Nagel
The Hinges of the Triptych. Classic/Gothic

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Revision, Revival and Return