ultimo giorno CASABELLA Call for architects under 30

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«Casabella» 1928–2013
Call for architects under 30
Young architects in the 85th
anniversary of «Casabella»

On the occasion of the eighty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of «Casabella», the magazine will publish a special issue dedicated to works built by architects under thirty.

Architects born after 31 December 1982 are invited to send four photos of projects built and completed by them before 20 September 2013 via email to casabella1928-2013@mondadori.it, or by mail to «Casabella», Via D. Trentacoste 7, 20134 Milan, Italy (ph. +39 02 215631).

The following must be attached to the photos:
-a short CV (maximum 1500 characters, or 300 words), residence address, electronic mail address, telephone number;
-copy of the birth certificate of the architect who intends to submit his/her entry to be published in «Casabella» issue 832, 
December 2013;
-a statement that proves the moral, intellectual and legal property right on the work presented.
Photos and required documents must be delivered in A4 PDF format at:
or at «Casabella»,
Via D. Trentacoste 7, 20134 Milan, Italy 
(ph. +39 02 215631)
20 September 2013

A maximum of 15 projects will be selected among the submitted entries. «Casabella» editorial staff will ask the authors of the works to provide high resolution materials for publication.
The selected projects will be presented in «Casabella» monographic issue of December 2013 (issue 832).
The magazine reserves the faculty to organize an exhibition of the works sent in the CasabellaLaboratorio site in Milan on the presentation of «Casabella» issue 832.

Special issue for the eighty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of magazine «Casabella» 1928–2013

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