Il nuovo Generic Top Level Domain

«Register.it lancia il dominio .archi per gli architetti»
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«The UIA announces the creation of .archi»
[red. | uia-architectes.org]

«.ARCHI has been created for the purpose of establishing an exclusive signature for architecture professionals, the associated content, and the growing presence of the business of architecture online. Domain name registrations of the .ARCHI extension will be reserved for the exclusive use of certified and graduated architects worldwide. .ARCHI is sponsored by the International Union of Architects (UIA). Registry Agreement for the .ARCHI new generic top-level domain has been signed with ICANN by February 6, 2014 and is open since April, 8th 2014»
[red. | startingdot.com] more details on www.dot-archi.com

«starting dot launches new marketing campaign for the .archi new top-level domain featuring Corinne Vezzoni and Paul Andreu»
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Paul Andreu www.paulandreu.archi imagecredits domains.archi
Paul Andreu www.paulandreu.archi imagecredits domains.archi

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