Louis Kahn’s Magnum Opus

1 giugno – 20 agosto 2017

31 maggio – ore 17 inaugurazione

mostra Louis Kahn’s Magnum Opus. Arne Maasik’s photos a cura di Heie Treier

Museum of Estonian Architecture | Ahtri 2 | Tallinn

«In January of 2017, the artist and architectural photographer Arne Maasik travelled to Bangladesh and India to photograph the architectural projects of Louis Kahn (1901–1974), an American architect born in Estonia. This exhibition is part of a broader research process, in the course of which questions are being posed about the connections between Kahn’s architecture and medieval European fortress architecture, and more specifically, the Kuressaare Castle. Kahn’s most important work, his Magnum Opus, is located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is a gigantic complex of government buildings, the construction of which was started ten years before Bangladesh became an independent state. The central structure of the complex is the National Assembly Building. It is assembled around a central axis, but the building itself is comprised of eight different-shaped elements».

Kahn Dhaka

crediti immagini arhitektuurimuuseum.ee