WAVe 2017 Syria

26 giugno – 14 luglio 2017

Workshop architettura Syria – The Making Of The Future

Cotonificio Santa Marta e Magazzini Ligabue | Università Iuav | Venezia

«WAVe 2017 will be an opportunity to focus the attention of the global architectural culture on the urbicide of Syrian cities and fully reaffirm the membership of the country in the cultural heritage of humanity and the cosmopolitan responsibility for its reconstruction».

«The VENICE CHARTER ON RECONSTRUCTION aims at the establishment of clear guidelines for post-war development. Though generated in response to the Syrian conflict, the charter aims to be useful in any other similar possible scenarios. The nature of modern conflicts challenges our understanding of conventional war: they manifest as permanent, asymmetric local and mobile wars between numerous transnational actors, and they extend beyond geographical boundaries. The Syrian case presents an example of how local conflicts involve the whole international community: epochal migrations, global terrorism and widespread violence affect globally every person regardless of any economic, social and religious boundaries».

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