Tadao Ando

fino al 18 dicembre 2017

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National Art Center | Tokyo

«The exhibition spaces featuring more than 200 models, sketches, and drawings have been designed by the architect himself. By traversing these spaces, visitors will be able to retrace the architect’s footprints and gain a renewed appreciation for the richness and infinite potential of the culture of architecture, through six sections titled “Origins/Houses”, “Light”, “Void Spaces”, “Reading The Site”, “Building Upon What Exists, Creating That Which Does Not Exist”, and “Nurturing”».

Church on the Water 1988 Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido ph. Yoshio Shiratori

Church on the Water 1988 Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido ph. Yoshio Shiratori
homepage: Benesse House Oval 1995 Naoshima Kagawa ph. Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
immagini courtesy nact.jp