fino al 1 aprile 2018

mostra AvantGardeStroy. Architectural Rhythm of the Revolution

MUAR | museo statale di architettura Schusev | 5/25 Vozdvizhenka | Mosca

«The bright era of architectural avant-garde of the 1920’s–1930’s is represented in works of outstanding Soviet architects and artists, such as Vesnin brothers, Ivan Leonidov, Konstantin Melnikov, Nikolai Ladovsky, Moisey Ginzburg, Ilya and Panteleimon Golosov, Vladimir Krinsky and many others. Author’s graphics are complemented by models, archival video records, photos, documents as well as works of applied arts from museums of Moscow, St. Petersburg and private collections. A significant amount of objects from Schusev Museum funds are displayed for the first time».


crediti immagini muar.ru