Victor Papanek

fino al 10 marzo 2019

mostra Victor Papanek. The Politics of Design

Vitra Design Museum | Charles-Eames-Str. 2 | Weil am Rhein

«The first large retrospective focussing on the designer, author, and activist Victor J. Papanek (1923-1998). Papanek was one of the twentieth century’s most influential pioneers of a socially and ecologically oriented approach to design beginning in the 1960s. His key work, Design for the Real World (1971), remains the most widely read book about design ever published. The exhibition includes high-value exhibits such as drawings, objects, films, manuscripts, and prints, some of which have never before been presented».

Papanek_Gallery of Living Arts

crediti immagini | homepage: Victor J. Papanek in Buffalo, NY, April 1959 © Donation from Nicolette Papanek, courtesy Victor J. Papanek Foundation – sopra: Victor J. Papanek, Gallery of Living Arts, Corona Del Mar, CA, Entrance Lobby, design for exhibition space, 1949-52 © University of Applied Arts Vienna, Victor J. Papanek Foundation