Giancarlo Mazzanti

«In this video, Bogotá-based architect Giancarlo Mazzanti elaborates on his experimental approach to design research and guides us through several of his ‘spaces for learning’. His firm, El Equipo Mazzanti, is behind numerous schools and educational centers in Colombia, designed to encourage playful and exploratory movement and social relations. Mostly situated in a low-income neighborhood, Mazzanti’s architecture dignifies communities and plays a real role for social change, bringing joy and pride to spaces in everyday life. During his interview with PLANE—SITE, Giancarlo Mazzanti expressed his ideas on how a building’s shape informs behavior and pedagogy. Mazzanti creates spaces where the passage of a student from one end of the space to another is disrupted with elements such as trampolines, plants or climbing areas. How can a space simultaneously cultivate joy and, by facilitating unexpected behaviors and relations, act as another teacher?».