The World Around

30 gennaio 2021

ore 16 (10 New York): The World Around Summit 2021: Architecture’s Now, Near, and Next

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The day will be divided into three thematic sessions. Each session will conclude with a town hall during which members of the virtual audience will be able to ask questions and join in a live discussion.

«The World Around, a new cultural platform, presents 20 groundbreaking architecture and design projects from the past year as well as insights into work in the making at its second annual summit, held on Saturday, January 30.  The World Around Summit 2021 will live-stream the latest work from award-winning international architects, designers, filmmakers, researchers, and artists confronting today’s most urgent topics, from equity, health, and the environment to racial justice and indigenous rights. Conference speakers will participate in situ from 14 cities and sites around the world, including Abu Dhabi; Burkina Faso; Johannesburg; London; Melbourne; Mexico City; Nairobi; Shanghai; Stockholm; Tokyo; and Yucatán, Mexico».

«The World Around is a new, itinerant non-profit organization dedicated to telling the most impactful and important stories of architectural culture today, making the invisible forces that shape our lives visible. This year, our annual summit will take place online in residence at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City».