Buildings for Movement

fino al 10 ottobre 2021
mostra Buildings for Movement-International architectures for sports
HDA House of Architecture | Mariahilferstraße 2 | Graz A
«2021 is the year of sports –not only in Graz, but also the Summer Olympic Games have been scheduled for this year. To mark this occasion, the HDA is showing selected buildings that offer a specific space for movement to the most diverse forms of sporting activity. Nowadays sporting activity has become an important part of everyday life. Whether physical exercise in a fitness studio, or jogging in the neighborhood, today sport is associated with lifestyle, fun and health consciousness. Sport connects people, promotes tolerance and respect for individuals and the community, and supports social inclusion. In the course of time, the architecture for the various sports has changed and is no longer represented by the typology of the high school. In addition, the spatial presence of increasingly sophisticated sports buildings has become more diverse. Whether skateboarding, bouldering, swimming, skiing in the city, dancing or archery, every sport is expressed in an individual building shape that is suitable for it. The environment in which the buildings are constructed plays an important role. Due to the limited building land in cities, condensed concepts are often required here. Sports areas expand the public space and become an important meeting point for the neighborhood. Existing buildings or roof areas are converted in unconventional ways, while sports facilities are to be integrated into existing green spaces as carefully and sensitively as possible. The spectrum of examples shown in the exhibition from all over Europe presents exemplary different planning as well as constructive approaches and also addresses historical and social questions about sport and exercise in everyday urban and rural life.».

immagine: Olympische Schießsporthalle, magma architecture – © J.L. Diehl