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Emil Ruder

Breve storia di Emil Ruder [Shane Bzdok / Thinking for a Living] A Brief History of Emil Ruder

Design x

Design Per. II Settimana internazionale della grafica 2010 05-09/10 Bologna Design For. II International Graphic Design week 2010

Vignelli Center

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies apre a settembre Vignelli Center for Design Studies Opens in September

INR symbol

La rupia indiana ha un nuovo simbolo, disegnato dall’architetto trentaduenne D. Udaya Kumar di Chennai Once lowly Indian Rupee has mighty new symbol: the design chosen was from 32-year-old architect from Chennai, D. Udaya Kumar


Francobolli disegnati da grafici e tipografi The Offices of Kat Ran Press Postage Stamps by Type Designers